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PART ONE Questions 1-7Look at the statements below and the advertisements on the opposite page.

  Which advertisement does each statement 1-7 refer to?

  For each sentence 1-7, mark one letter (A, B, C, or D) on your Answer Sheet.

  You will need to use some of the letters more than once.


  0 You need to be familiar with a variety of computer software.

  0 A B C D

  1 This job involves working for a well-known company.

  评析:advertisements C中含有well-established firm的信息,判断C符合题意。

  2 You will meet a wide variety of customers in this job.

  评析:advertisements A中含有client liaison (客户联络)的信息,判断A 符合题意。

  3 This post involves responsibility for recruitment.

  评析:advertisements D中含有interviewing job applicants的信息,判断D符合题意。

  4 Your work should not be discussed outside the office.

  评析:advertisements B中含有highly confidential(高度保密)的信息,判断B符合题意。

  5 In this job you will deal with people’s investments.

  评析:advertisements B中含有looking after customers’ financial assets such as property and possessions的信息,判断B符合题意。

  6 This post has recently been established.

  评析:advertisements C中含有newly-created position的信息,判断C符合题意。

  7 Your job description will require you to read some documents very carefully.评析:advertisements A中含有proof reading and checking的信息,判断A符合题意。


  ILT Consultants £19,000+benefits

  Here’s an exciting opportunity to combine your presentation skills and organizational abilities, working for a team of systems analysts. You will need to have a good eye for detail as the role involves large amounts of proof reading and checking. The job also involves client liaison at all levels, as well as an element of research.


  John Guild & Son £17,500+benefits

  City finance house seeks a mature person to work for the Secretariat. The post involves: looking after customers’ financial assets such as property and possessions; database work; accounting; and organizational responsibilities. The bulk of the workload is highly confidential. A good level and range of PC experience will secure you an interview.


  Hooper’s £17,000

  Join this household name and play a key part in supporting their Regional Operations Director and marketing team. This is a newly-created position within a well-established firm and there is plenty of opportunity for you to develop your role. You will need to be self-motivated with the ability to prioritise. Some Windows experience essential.


  ITC Investment Consultants £18,000+

  This is an opening for a bright, part-qualified assistant to work in an investment company’s busy personnel department. You will need to have one year’s experience of interviewing job applicants, and the confidence to handle appraisals and disciplinary actions. Further training will be offered or the right candidate. Keyboard skills are desirable as you will manage all personal correspondence.
 PART TWO Questions 8-12Read the article below which reviews a new book on company planning.

  Choose the best sentence from the list on the opposite page to fill each of the gaps.

  For each gap 8-12, mark one letter (A-G) on your Answer Sheet.

  Do not use any letter more than once.

  There is an example at the beginning (0).

  Firms need a better way of planning

  Nick Field, in his book Strategy Management, offers a new approach to help companies map out their future.

  Many companies have lost the art of strategy-making. They spend too much time looking at process change, organisation and systems. (0)______. They have got things out of balance. In many companies, the development of strategy is in crisis. In a recent magazine poll, only six per cent of executives rated their company highly for long-term planning skills. (8) ______. If this figure is accurate, it is not surprising that 29% of the FTSE 100 companies failed to achieve real sales growth between 1992 and 1996, when take-overs are excluded from the figures.


  可见,这部分信息的重心是planning,和strategy。后句说,如果这个数字是准确的话,那么。。。可见(8)中必然要包含关于数据的内容。正确答案为C. Another survey estimated that only one in ten companies had the information they needed to make strategic decisions. C中含有数字only one in ten,而且话题和前句一致,都是关于strategy.

  There can be no doubt about the value of effective strategy-making. Recent research has shown that what are described as 'visionary' companies - those with clear strategies for the future - deliver higher shareholder returns. They are less at risk from short-term earnings pressures because they know - and they can convince others - that they will survive these.

  (9) ______ Times have changed. The big company of today is not being defeated by another big company but by the small companies. So how do they do it?. And where do companies that are failing in this respect turn? If a company accepts that their strategy development is not 'the best in the class', if they acknowledge that they need to do more to map out their future, influence rather than be influenced, shape their market instead of being shaped by it, how should they take on this strategy-making challenge?

  (9)评析: 后一句谈到“时代已经变了,大公司不是被大公司,而是被小公司击败。”既然后句谈时代改变了,那么前句应当在谈过去怎样。正确答案为 F. In the past, it was generally believed that the scale of the company was the most significant factor.

  Field's book Strategy Management puts forward a new approach to help companies rediscover the power of forward planning. (10) ______. The book is straightforward to understand and use, and offers practical and specific directions. Research and empirical testing have proved that it can be useful in all areas of industry and should be of value to any company.

  (10)评析:前句谈到Field的书《战略管理》提到一种新的重新帮助公司发现未来规划的能力。后一句也谈到书,可见(10)句中一定包含关于书的信息。正确答案为A Clear guidelines are given on how to become involved with customers and build new forms of competitive advantage.

  The approach put forward is based on two key building blocks, the first being that any company considering its future must have a commitment to win. (11) ______. The second building block is competitive advantage. The author defines four prime areas that differentiate organisations and influence purchase decisions. These are 'the performance of the product or service, sold at the most attractive price, with extraordinary levels of service and strong emotional values.' It may require only one of these areas to produce a competitive advantage. Take Coca-Cola for example. (12) ______.

  (11)评析:前句提到two key building blocks的第一个,后句提到第二个,可见(11)的信息应当和第一个building block有关。前句中:the first being that any company considering its future must have a commitment to win. 这里重心落在commitment to win上。正确答案为E If this comes across forcefully enough rivals will see it and go elsewhere, believing the market will be taken over by another. 这里的this 指的即为commitment to win。


  B Through the brand name, the company has established a relationship with customers' feelings that has made the product highly successful.



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